... even if you have no idea what NLP really is!


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HOSTS NLP Trainer Mohammed Sheikh

Hi, this is Carla Chalah,

Owner of Hemisphere Hypnotherapy & EveryBody in Mind Wellness Center

I'm always looking for the best ways and best methods to help my clients live life well, and I recently took a training with Mohammed Sheikh, where he teaches simple, practical techniques that we can use to empower our children.

Some of the children he works with are being challenged with low self-esteem, bullying, issues with self-image, feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, stress... and it seems that it is happening more and more...

Mohammed loves being able to empower children, and teach them ways to control their thoughts, their emotions, their behaviours, but at the same time, he really wishes that he could teach parents just simple every day things that they could use to empower their kids.

In fact, often when he works with children, a session with the parents is also scheduled so that he can give them resources as well.

And besides, it's the child's parents that are around at home, and your children WANT YOU to be able to help them. I'd rather it be YOU that's empowering them, than someone that doesn't really know your kid.

That's why I reached out to Mohammed and am hosting him for your benefit.

On June 6, 2021, Mohammed will lead us through a LIVE Virtual Workshop over Zoom.

It's a hands-on workshop to learn and practice techniques that you can use on a regular basis to keep your kids winning.

PLUS - What you'll be practicing, you can use for yourself to be calm, optimistic, and in control, because actually everything that you're feeling is being energetically absorbed by your children.


Why not use that to our benefit?

Here's What's Included!

Live Training on Zoom, with plenty of practice and exercises.

Guided Hypnosis Recordings to help with building Focus, reducing Anxiety and increasing Confidence.

Members Portal with access to your downloads, workbook, and class recording for future reference.

Here's Your Trainer!

Mohammed Sheikh
NLP Master Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotist
HeartMath® Certified Trainer + Mentor
Voted Toronto's Best Hypnosis and Best Life Coach
- 2020 | Reader's Choice Awards

I've been helping individuals heal their thoughts and emotions since 2013.

I have been working One-on-One and teaching workshops for the last eight years. My clients are as old as folks in their sixties to children as young as seven years old. It is now my desire to teach parents simple and practical NLP and Hypnosis concepts and techniques that can be the difference that makes all of the difference.

Ready to Learn? 

When: Sunday, June 6th, 2021

Time: 10am EST start. Expected to go till 4:30pm (maybe 5pm)

Cost: $495 USD

I am only allowing MAX 30 people in the class so we all get to really learn, ask questions, in a small intimate setting.

You will get a workbook in PDF format for you to refer to plus all the recordings.

Video is required as is your full participation. The day will be packed and will require 100% of your attention. Please only sign up if you can commit to this as a good chunk of the class will be in break-out rooms in pairs practicing.


Your info is safe with me—I'll never share your email.


What exactly will I be learning here?

In summary, you will be learning and practicing quick user friendly techniques from NLP and Hypnosis to help your kids with stress, overwhelm, confidence, anxieties, stuck-thinking, being afraid, trying new things... Basically if it involves how they are feeling, what you will learn can help you teach them to take control of their emotions and thoughts.

It simply works.

What is NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is a set of tools that is about modelling successful behaviour, and it works at both the conscious and subconscious level. That's what I love about it, especially with children who don't have the capacity nor the emotional vocabulary to articulate what's going on.

The techniques you will learn work without getting caught up in the story. Your kids will just feel different and will be able to quickly let go of whatever is bothering them.

Note: This is not an NLP training, so don't expect much theory or concepts. This is a skills workshop. You'll be learning to use tools, that will work, regardless if you know why they do. I have more in depth NLP training if you're interested for yourself.

How old should my children be for this to be of use?

In other words, are my children too young or too old to benefit from NLP techniques. Well you definitely can't be too old. As far as too young, Mohammed has taught his son a couple of the techniques you will be learning when he was about 5-6 years old.

If your child can let you know that they aren't doing well, these techniques will help. Remember most of the work is happening subconsciously, and language is mostly a conscious construct.

That being said, I would say these techniques will be best for children from age 5 right up until their adult years.

Also, these techniques can be used by you to control your state, your emotions and behaviours. Children don't learn from what they are told, but rather they model and reflect back the beliefs, emotions and behaviours of their parents. How we react to anything is how they learn to react to the same thing.

Consider that Mohammed has helped a young baby calm down her constant crying, by helping her mother with her own anxieties...

When, where and how long is the training?

The workshop is scheduled for Sunday, June 6th, 2021 starting at 10am EST

It's a full day of training.

The training will be on Zoom video and you will find the join link in your member's portal upon registration.

What's included in my registration?

When you register, you will get access to a member's portal which contains your workbook and notes that you will need to get the most out of the workshop.

The member's portal will serve as a place to ask ongoing questions, even after you have attended the live workshop.

The member's portal will also include some bonuses for you.

You get lifetime access to this, by the way :)

Will there be a recording?

Yes, there will be a recording. But please understand that this is a live training and workshop.

And much of the learnings will be done in breakout rooms when you're practicing. Again this is a skills day, not theory.

If for any reason you can not make it, please contact me and I will get you registered for the next session.

I don't have the best Internet connection. What should I do?

Because this will be a live training on Zoom. It is required that you have access to a computer, a webcam, and an internet speed of at least 50 Mbps download. You can check your internet speed here. It is your responsibility to ensure your internet speed. Camera's are required to be on.

Can I attend on my phone or a tablet?

Short answer, no. We will be using breakout rooms, writing answers in the chat and a mobile device just isn't a good option for a good learning environment. A computer/laptop is required. Video is required.

What's your refund policy?

Due to the limited seating of my trainings, there are no refunds once you register.

That being said, I am 100% committed to you. If after you attend the training, you feel it wasn't worth it, let me know, and I will issue you a full refund. Guaranteed.

I still have questions, how do I contact you?

You can send me a message by clicking here. I'll do my best to reply back within 24 hours.