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Practical Insights for Your Well-Being

HeartMath Institute® developed this assessment to help people more fully
understand how specific aspects of stress, well-being and resilience affect
the quality of their life.
Completing the assessment will help you pinpoint how you rank in each of
the following 12 aspects:

Physical Stress

Work Stress

Relationship Stress

Financial Stress

Emotional Stress

Stress Response

Stress Management


Social Support

Other Stress


Emotional Vitality

The assessment takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and is a total of 72 questions.

If you would like to take this assessment, please fill out the form below. I need your permission to email you in order to send you the assessment and share with you your results.

I should be charging for this as I pay for a block of assessments but I'm happy to offer this as a value to all of you awesome folks who follow me and support my work and what I'm trying to accomplish!

It’s my way of making a difference and paying it forward!

I will follow up personally with each of you after reviewing your individual results to share with you strategies and HeartMath® tools that you can use to lower stress, increase your resiliency and improve your overall well-being.

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