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It all starts with your beliefs... Your BELIEFS are powerful as they filter and distort your life experiences and this shows up in your behaviours -> the RESULTS you are getting.

The truth is that successful individuals are actually following deeply rooted unconcious patterns that are producing their AMAZING results. 

It's not just what they do, but HOW they do it, and WHY they do it...


Can you RELATE?

  • Do you ever feel that you’re always struggling?  
  • Do you ever feel that you’re getting it wrong in your relationships?  
  • Do you ever feel that you’ve hit an invisible ceiling?
  • Do you ever feel you struggle with self-love?
  • Do you ever feel that others don't understand you?  
  • Do you ever feel that you’re not maximizing your potential?
  • Do you ever feel you're not enough?

What would you do if it was IMPOSSIBLE to fail?

  • Would you ask for that promotion?  
  • Would you share your big idea?
  • Would you start a business?
  • Would you strengthen a relationship?
  • Would you live in the present? 
  • Would you walk with self-love and confidence?
  • Would you acknowledge your brilliance?
  • How would you act, then?

But what if you DIDN'T change now?

How would you feel if you were in the exact same place this time next year?  

Where you didn't get that promotion.  

Where you didn't share your ideas.  

Where you played it small and didn't take action.

Where you gave into your doubts and fears?  


... isn't it time you invest in yourself?

Introducing a complete journey of change

CORE Transformation Program

Here's everything that's included:

  • A complete program on breaking through limiting beliefs, mastering your emotions, communicating effectively and becoming the YOU that you deeply desire.
  • 5 x One-on-One Change-Work Sessions with me (each session is 60-90 minutes through Zoom)
  • 3 Month private voice message access (through Voxer) to me.
  • 12 X Online NLP Training MODULES (Release Weekly - Over 20 hours of Training)
  • Exercises and Assignments to Implement NLP into your life

Bonus - 12 Month Subscription to Mind Mechanic Academy

  • Access to weekly A.M.A (ask me anything) Live Virtual Office Hours
  • 20% VIP Discount to all current and future programs, events and any additional One on One sessions.
  • Private Facebook Community
  • Self-Hypnosis Audio Tracks
  • Access to an ever-growing NLP and Personal Development E-Learning Academy

all at a price that's very affordable...

If you are committed to putting in the work and going all in, I am fully committed to YOU.

Just ask anyone that has worked with me already.

Schedule a Discovery Call with Me!

First step is to schedule a Discovery Session with me. Please allow for up to 90 minutes for the call.

The purpose of this call is two fold.

1. For me better understand your goals and objectives. What are you hoping to this program will allow you to do or be. I want to make sure, I can help.

2. To walk you through the program. It is a hybrid model of self study, One-on-One Sessions and implementation of topics learned.

I don't wish this to be just another course where you learn a bunch of content, but have zero implementation. I want to make sure you leave with actual skill and are creating and living the CHANGE you desire!

Detailed heartfelt reviews...

"The CORE Transformation course with Mohammed Sheikh has been nothing short of an incredible journey so far. 

After meeting Mohammed in August at a conference I was immediately interested in working with him specifically and was so grateful to know that a course was soon beginning.  

Mohammed’s methods of explanation are both effective and insightful, his ability to effortlessly connect the dots and explain concepts I have not previously been able to grasp, is seamless and enlightening. 

Through working with Mohammed I have been able to learn and apply new concepts from the weekly teachings to my daily life to build new neurological pathways that elicit an alternative response from prior habits and mentalities. 

Weekly assignments and exercises allow me to put the theories learned in class into practice and keep accountability with the process. 

I can’t wait to get to class each week and expand my knowledge of NLP through CORE transformation."

- Amber S. | 2019 -

"I signed up for the CORE Transformation program with limited knowledge in NLP and its usefulness. We still have a few weeks left in the program and I am already very impressed with the amount of information and resources that have been provided. 

Mohammed has broken the material into weekly, digestible segments that allow for the information to sink in and to give us time to practice the techniques we are learning about. He also provides access to documents and a video recording after each session, so we can go back and spend more time with the material if needed.

 I highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn more about how to use many useful tools and techniques that will allow you to model and obtain success in literally any area of your life.

It helped change the way I think about communication and gave me tools to change the negative emotions that I used to carry around certain experiences.

Thanks Mohammed for all the knowledge and guidance!"

- Josh | 2019 -


One of the most effective mental technologies that exists today to completely rewire the way you think, feel and behave is NLP. 

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a set of tools that allow individuals to have the behaviours they want in the situations they want it in. Some of the most successful individuals around the world are trained in NLP including Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Public Speakers and even Presidents of countries​

Some people call it the Psychology of Success.  

I have used NLP to completely change the trajectory of my own life and have helped HUNDREDS do the same over the last 10 years!!! 

Who else has been trained in NLP?

"NLP helps me to manage audiences and motivate them. It is just amazing."

- Oprah Winfrey -

“I built my sales career from zero to become the world’s best motivator by using NLP.” 

- Anthony Robbins -

"I credit NLP to my life transformation from junkie to movie star!" 

- Russel Brand - 

"I use NLP to get myself ready before my stage performances!"

- Robbie Williams -

“NLP is one of the biggest breakthroughs in the technology of achievement and human excellence”

“NLP is the most powerful vehicle for change in the 21st century.”

NLP is both a mindset and a methodology. 

It's easy for people to tell you to have more confidence, but they don't teach you the how... 

THIS PROGRAM teaches you the HOW!

Here Are Just Some of What You Will Learn!

Setting your GPS. What do you want? Where do you want to go? And as importantly, where are you right now? We define this at the very beginning so that you can leverage this program to propel you forward!

Beliefs and Values. How beliefs are created and where they come from. Breaking through mental limits and prioritizing what's important!

Practical Neuroscience of how we experience the world, how we access memories and projected future. The brain can't tell the difference between something happening now, and something happening in our mind. We feel the affects in either case, now, in real time. Learn to change the building blocks of experience so we can change our state in minutes.

Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication. Yes! We will learn how to read others facial and body language and how to use our own for personal empowerment and influence. Learn powerful language patterns to empower others and more importantly to empower yourself.

Parts of Personality, Inner-Conflict and Procrastination. Understand what creates self-sabotage and learn how to integrate personal conflict. Break through stuck states into action.

Wisdom and Perspective. Learn how to shift out of the mental model you have created about the world and begin to gain access to what's going on with those around you. Learn that you responding to a made up mental model of the world and not the world.


Results that speaks for themselves...

Meet Your Trainer

Hey there, my name is Mohammed Sheikh.

Change-Work and Transformation is my life's work!

It began with my own personal transformation in my early twenties.

I went from being an Honour Student to University drop-out and had picked up a lot of bad habits and limiting beliefs about myself and the world.

Working a sales job, and almost being fired due to poor peformance, I knew that I had to do something. 

Except I didn't know what or how!

That's when I discovered NLP.

My first NLP training was over the course of 20 months of weekly classes (over 200 hours). I learned not only how to release the emotions and limiting beliefs from my past, but I learned how to DESIGN new beliefs that would serve me and how to deconstruct the behaviours of successful people, so I too could produce the same results.  

I went from almost being fired to Top 10% Gross Profit Earner in my company the following year.

Since then, I have become a certified Master Practitioner in NLP, having undergone over 500 hours of training under the tutelage of Hugh Comerford (trained directly by Robert Dilts). I have also trained for NLP Centres Canada between 2013 and 2015 and ran their NLP Dojo Program certifying NLP Practitioners. 

Did I mention, I'm also a certified Master Hypnotist trained by Mike Mandel with 100+ hours of training and supervision.  

I've continued my own training and have trained under Shawn Carson, James Tripp, Kevin Laye, Karl Smith, Melissa Tiers, David Snyder, Stephen Blake, Rollin McCraty, Denis Chagnon and Cora Besser-Siegmund and as a result am certified as a Psy-Tap Practitioner, WingWave™ Coach, a HeartMath™ Certified Trainer and Certified Coach/Mentor, OldPain2Go Practitioner and skilled in energy work as well. 

I began working with individuals in 2013 in what I call Change-Work Interventions where I use NLP, Hypnosis and all of my expereince to help people break through limiting beliefs, internal conflicts, release trauma, do things better, achieve results and effectively be the controlling element in their life.

You get 10 of these sessions by the way, plus the NLP training, all at a rate that is more affordable then booking 10 sessions with me outside of this program.


I have trained 50+ Individuals in NLP, here's what they are saying...

"I learned how to be congruent with my beliefs and my actions" 

- Saad | Regional Sales Manager -

"It seems very simple, but by doing it, I realize how powerful it is. "

- Asma | Director of Mental Health Clinic -

"Simply put, this program is for anyone that wants to be better!"

- Yusuf | Project Manager -

"The concepts and tools aren't just limited to just one aspect. The bnefit has been everywhere in my life."

- Yasin | Digital Marketing & Analytics Leader -

"I learned how important it is to be concious of my own inner voice and exactly HOW to change the parts of my unconcious that weren't useful."

- Usama | Director of Finance and Deputy CEO -

A portion of your fees goes to Sponsor a child through Plan Canada

Currently Sponsored Child

My goal is to have 5 children fully sponsored through this program each year.